Dark Web!  And how to access it?

Dark Web! And how to access it?

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Dark Web VS Deep Web VS Surface Web

Before starting digging deep into the main topic, let's first understand the difference between the Dark Web, Surface Web and the Deep Web.

Deep web

Put plainly, the deep web includes websites where you need to log in to get in. It's not all spooky or risky; actually, about 90% of all websites fall into this deep web category. Think of sites like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, or online banking—they're all part of the deep web.

Surface Web

The surface web, unlike the deep web, doesn't need any login details—you can just hop on and browse freely. Some popular examples are Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube. It's where you go for quick info or videos without any fuss. Surprisingly, though, the surface web only makes up about 4% of the entire internet!

Dark web

The dark web is considered the dark part of the deep web. It is not easily accessible and requires certain browsers like Mozilla Firefox in order to access it (Do not do that right now, read till the end!). The dark web has a bit of a shady reputation because it's known for being a hub where you can find all sorts of illegal stuff like drugs, weapons, fake money, and stolen data. People also use it for things like hiring hackers, chatting about cybercrime, and sharing illegal porn. It's basically the wild west of the internet where you can stumble upon some pretty sketchy stuff if you're not careful. A side fact, most dark web websites use .onion extensions -- unlike normal websites which use .com, .net, .org, etc. It holds about 6% of the internet.


Are the videos real?

Many of the horror videos and stories found on YouTube regarding the dark web are fabricated solely for views. If they were authentic, they would likely violate YouTube's guidelines and be removed. However, not all of these accounts are false. Some narratives, such as the one shared by professionals like Crypto NWO in this video are considered genuine, and some viewers may find them informative and valuable.

How it could be accessed?

The most secure method to access the dark web is by downloading Tails, an operating system that runs on a Linux platform, onto a flash drive. This approach ensures the safety of your main computer while facilitating connection to the TOR network, thereby maintaining anonymity. However, it is strongly recommended to use a VPN in conjunction with the TOR network to prevent even your internet service provider from detecting your TOR connection. Personally, I recommend Express VPN for this purpose. It's important to note that using a free VPN is not advisable for various reasons as it lacks both usefulness and safety


Hey, just a heads up: the dark web isn't exactly a fun or safe hangout spot, so don't let curiosity lead you astray! It's best to steer clear unless you're a professional. Any thoughts, comments, or recommendations? Feel free to drop them below!

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